Rek and Ashley (Lux) Mohr

Prior to the morning of their wedding, I had only met Ashley once -- a quick introduction in the lobby of Suite 100 during a concert at The Pageant. Tell, on the other hand, had previously worked with both Ashely and Rek on a few different occasions, mainly involving music and video work. Despite not being able to have face-to-face meetings leading up to their big day, knowing music was at the heart of this couple's relationship, I had no doubt that I'd enjoy spending the day following them around with a camera.

As it turned out, it wasn't just our common love of music and art that made this wedding special for Created Space Studios. It was the sincere hearts of the people we were surrounded by that made Rek and Ashley's wedding most enjoyable.

Spend just five minutes with this bride and groom and you'll immediately understand what I mean when I say that they love like not many others. Their love is a combination of friendship, constant support, patience and feelings so intertwined that their foundation has taken root -- a common theme to their wedding from the "tree" cake to the references in speeches. They love those closest to them deeply, too. They truly choose to live and love fearlessly.

And now when I think of Rek and Ashley, I will think of how Ashley casually shrugged off getting a stain on her wedding dress because, as she put it, " Who cares?! I still get to marry Rek!" I will think of some of the most eloquently worded speeches shared during their ceremony and reception. And I will also think of how even in a room filled with people, they could look at each other as if they were the only ones in the room. (Oh, and I'll also think of how their first dance was to a Radiohead song... and that is just awesome.)

Thank you for letting us be part of your once-in-a-lifetime day, Mr. and Mrs. Mohr!

You can listen to Rek's band, The Hush List, here and listen to Ashley (Lux) play tunes on the The Point from 2:00-6:00 pm.

New Year, New Bucket List

I'll admit it; I'm definitely a list person. I enjoy making lists, checking them twice (it's an OCD thing, not a Santa thing) and then striking through items as they are completed. 

As a kid with not much else to add to my to-do list outside of school work, extra circulars and social life, the list I looked forward to typing out in my Palm Pilot (lol) more than any other was my list of New Year's resolutions. 

Enter adulthood: The to-do list is never-ending. The responsibilities are more like chores. The resolutions are less fun (how many times will I move "lose a few pounds" to the next year's list?) Why am I making myself write a list of to-dos that focus on every negative aspect of my life again? 

I put my foot down in 2014. Last November my husband and I scrapped the list of resolutions that are rarely accomplished and pulled out our 2015 bucket list! Our new list focused on things that would help us create a more fulfilling life, not a life filled with chores. My list may have been a bit over-ambitious, but that's typical of anything I plan.


- Spend New Year's Eve 2014 in Times Square watching the ball drop ✔️
- Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and attend a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden ✔️
- Visit Alaska ✔️
- Visit Portland, Oregon ✔️
- Visit Seattle, Washington ✔️
- Snowboard in the Rockies (it's been four long years since I last boarded!) ✔️


-  Vacation with my best friends ✔️
- Research family history and ask family members for more stories ✔️


- Purchase a home with 20% down... (so close to achieving this, but only put 15% down initially)
- Increase financial gifts to causes and charities we support ✔️
- Become debt-free (sans mortgage, of course) ✔️
- Invest more ✔️


- Begin mornings in prayer (First5 helped with this!) ✔️
- Compete in a half-marathon, finish under 2 hours ✔️
- Get the tattoo I've been contemplating getting since I was 21 (after visiting two tattoo shops, I realized the exact tattoo (size, font, location) I wanted was just impossible)
- Develop coffee palette ✔️
- Listen more, learn more ✔️


- Begin a new, fulfilling career where I can contribute to a mission I can support 100% ✔️
- Book 12-weddings for Created Space Studios ✔️
- Build recording studio for Tell ✔️

So here I am, just days away from 2016, reflecting on 2015. I've realized that by focusing on a list of places I want to see and tasks I want to achieve, instead of creating a list of ways to fix things wrong with me, 2015 has left me feeling more fulfillment than any other year -- I actually achieved everything on my 2015 bucket list except for 1.5 items! 

So what do you think? Try avoiding those resolutions that shine light on your weaknesses. Take a positive approach to your new year's to-dos -- make a new year bucket list!

Matt and Laura Wiser

I first met Laura two years before Created Space Studios was even in the picture. I was back in my hometown for a brief six-months stay after completing my senior year in college. Through mutual friends, we happened to meet at Steak 'n' Shake. I was immediately drawn to her bubbly personality. We only saw each other a few times before my move back to St. Louis, but she was super active on social media, so naturally we became SM friends and have kept in touch even though we live in different towns.

Then nearly one year ago to the date, I got a message from Laura. Matt -- the same Matt from all of her Instagram photos the past few years that I just looooooved seeing -- had just proposed! And she wanted to hire Created Space Studios to shoot a highlight video of their wedding day.

A few email exchanges later and Laura, Matt and I were at Park Ave. for coffee in downtown St. Louis chatting about wedding videos. I quickly learned that music is a BIG part of their relationship, much like how important it is in my marriage; they push each other to live a healthy lifestyle; and Matt would do anything for Laura (like book a wedding videographer!)

The morning of their wedding was perfect. There was a slight chill in the early October air. Trees had just begun to change colors. And Laura was getting her hair and make-up done while listening to The Early November (one of my favorite bands from high school!). The entire day was filled with so much emotion. Emotion from the bubbly bride experiencing her perfect wedding day. Emotion from the groom when he was around his new bride. Emotion from all the family and friends there to celebrate Mr. and Mrs. Wiser in the small town of Arcadia, Missouri. And of course, emotion from the vieographer. As it turns out, Laura and Matt walked down the isle to mine and my husband's song, "First Day of My Life" by Bright Eyes. Then to top off our similar tastes in music, their entrance song into the reception was the same entrance song my husband and I used for our reception entrance nearly four years ago, "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

What impressed me most is how perfectly executed this small town wedding was. Laura did all of the planning on her own all while working a full-time job and going to school. Anyone who has ever planned a wedding before knows that the preparation keeps you busy enough to be a full-time job!

From the table toppers to the teacup wedding favors, everything was so "Laura and Matt." Each detail was well thought out and held a special meaning to the bride and groom.

If music selection and emotion are any indication of how perfect a wedding can be, this wedding nailed a perfect ten! Matt and Laura, thank you so very much for letting us be part of your big day! You two will always be very special to us.

It's time we let the little cat out of the very loosely tied bag.

Jess typing, here.  I've spent the past eight years of my post-high school graduation life in St. Louis.  And of those eight wonderful years, three of those years have seen fun memories created with the addition of my best friend/husband Tell.  But as Created Space Studios begins to celebrate its two-year anniversary this June, the company & its owners will also be busy packing up all of our belongings to move four hours west -- to Kansas City!  (Insert bitter/sweet feelings.)

For being so close, Kansas City is a foreign world to us.  A world where Royal(s) isn't used to describe a shade of blue, & where it's no longer necessary to ask, "Springfield?  Is that Illinois or Missouri?".  But come June, the City of Fountains will become ours.  I just hope that KCMO doesn't mind that we're bringing with us a TON of Cardinals red &  a mini Arch -- or two.

If you have any great Kansas City input, I welcome you to comment below!   It looks like I'm going (back) to Kansas City... for good.

DYI: Wedding Card Booklet

DYI: Wedding Card Booklet

It was just a few weeks ago that I realized I would have an entire weekend to myself while Tell visited friends in Springfield, MO.  In typical Jessica fashion, I started my to-accomplish list the moment I found out.

Second on that list, immediately after re-organize our entire place because it always feels good to de-clutter, was to finally do something with the stack of wedding cards we received from family & friends over two years ago.  One quick trip to the local craft store, & I had an idea of what I would make – a book of cards that was cute enough to be on display in our living room.

*Disclaimer: You’ll have to bear with me when looking at the photos for this project.  Taking photos with a camera on manual while also trying to show various steps of the DIY isn’t the easiest task to do alone. [I now realize how important it is for bloggers to have a designated photog.]

To get started, you’ll need cards from any special occasion, scissors, pencil, lace/ribbon, brads, embellishments of your choosing, scrapbook paper, thin cardboard paper, a single binder ring, 3-hole punch [or in my case, a scrapbooking hole punch] & ultra thin glue dots.

Arrange the cards in the order you’d like for them to appear.  Pull out the largest card.  This will determine the size of your booklet.

Use your largest card to trace around on your cardboard.  [I used cardboard from a cereal box – no need to purchase any special cardboard.]  Next, using whatever sharp object you prefer, cut out the cardboard.  Repeat these steps a second time.  This will be the front & back cover of your booklet.

Do the same on the scrapbooking paper you’ve selected for your covers.  I recommend a solid color for the overall page covers.  After I cut my pieces, I blotted the edges of the paper with an ink pad to give it a multi-dimensional look.

Using the glue dots, adhere the paper to each piece of cardboard.  I spaced my glue dots approximately 3/4″ apart around the edges with a few dots in the middle to hold my paper in place.  After you have your front cover properly dressed, add embellishments of your choosing.  Feel free to get creative here!  I chose to keep the back of my booklet simple [yellow only] because I wanted the pearl brads & lace to stand out.

After you’ve decorated your covers, it’s time to attach the lace/ribbon to the back cover.  Be sure to measure where you want your bow to hit in the front before fastening it to the back of your book cover.

Next, choose another sheet of scrapbooking paper to line the inside of your cover with so that you cover the backside of the cardboard & the brads’ legs.  Measure, cut & glue dot.

Ah, you’re near the end!  Hole-punch the top left corner of your covers & cards.  Be sure to properly measure the distance from both sides so that you don’t have a wonky, uneven book.  I don’t recall the name of the tool I used for punching holes in my pages, but it works so well that I was able to punch holes in 5 cards at a time.  [It’s a tool from my middle school scrapbooking days.]

Once you have holes in all pages & covers, you’re ready to slip the binder ring through the holes.  Start with the front cover and work your way back to the final page.

Clasp your ring.  Organize your cards to make them even with one another.  Tie lace [or ribbon].  Viola!  A precious, easy-to-make keepsake.

As an added bonus, I took all the comment cards our guests filled out at our post-elopement wedding reception & made a flip book of them, too!  Reading through these with Tell provides so many, “do you remember when…” and, “I wonder who said that?!” moments we’ll always cherish.

Annual Anniversary Photos

Annual Anniversary Photos (from summer of 2014)

Once upon a time, Tell & I celebrated our two-year-anniversary.  Little did we know, a simple anniversary photo shoot with a past acquaintance of mine would change so much about our future here in St. Louis.

Brittany Smith & I became Facebook friends while in college.  Prior to our 21st century friendship, we had met each other just once in person.  At that time, all we knew about the other was that we shared a mutual ex-boyfriend.  That’s fun, right?

I absolutely loved following this motivating, spiritual woman from afar.  (Thanks, Facebook, Instagram & blog posts!)  Via social media, I noticed Brittany had picked-up a camera & began perfecting the art of photography.  Then I saw it on Facebook.  Her newly established business, Kairos Photography, was looking for a few family representatives to show-off its skills.  Though we had no kids (just an adorable pup!), I applied.

We were chosen!  It was June of 2014, & our two-year-anniversary had just passed.  “Excellent,” I thought.  “These can be our (now) annual wedding anniversary photos!”  Brittany was a gem at working around my hectic, jam-packed schedule, & we eventually set a date to meet in mid-July.  During our photo shoot, we bounced around from favorite place to favorite place, chatted about passion & made-up for lost time.  Being around her was so easy; even my husband was a natural in front of the camera!

In the short amount of time we spent with our photographer, I sensed a genuine soul with a love for entrepreneurship & a heart on fire for Christ.  What began as a distant acquaintance, grew into business & blossomed into a friendship.  Though our schedules often conflict, Brittany & her family have easily become a staple in our life.  We owe her “THANK YOU Xs 1,000″ for the priceless photos she took for us & the multiple other ways she’s impacted our lives in less than a year (we’re talking new job, new church & introducing us to great, new people we call friends!). There’s no doubt in my mind that this busy momma-of-two is well on her way to using her God-given talents to help others find joy in wedding, family & newborn photography!  Thank you for the memories, Kairos Photography!

Auntie Jess & Uncle Tell

Auntie Jess & Uncle Tell

Say hello to my nephew Jack Addison!

He arrived 5-weeks early, but also "right on time." Jack was born on the evening of April 1, 2015.  Because he made his early debut, he now shares a birthday with the man he was named after, my late Grandpa Jack Ashby (who would have been 82 on April 1, 2015).  How beautiful is that?!

Welcome to the world, Baby Jack!  Auntie Jess & Uncle Tell love you, you perfect, fearfully & wonderfully made blessing!

... Then Comes Baby!

...Then Comes Baby

Being a soon-to-be aunt is pretty fantastic!  It's hard to express the joy I feel in my heart when I see my brother caring for his bride while they prepare their new home for Baby Jack's (hopeful) May 2, 2015, arrival.

As my brother & sister-in-law entered their eighth & final week of home renovations, I decided to capture a few photos of them during this blissful time. They've been extremely busy getting their new home ready, so finding the time for maternity photos was near the bottom of their to-do list.

I'm absolutely no replacement for a professional photographer, but at least I was available to snap a few photos of them together at 7:00 in the morning before our family got back to renovations.

Top Reasons to Include Videography in Your Wedding Budget

Top Reasons to Include Videography in Your Wedding Budget

Are you [or someone you know] trying to decide if video should make it into the wedding budget? These are our most heard reasons why you SHOULD hire a videographer [& of course we hope that videographer is us]:

1. To capture real, moving footage of moments missed. Whether you want to see what the groom did as you readied yourself [or vice versa], or how the flower girl had to be coaxed down the isle with candy while you were waiting behind closed doors, a video will allow you to relieve so many moments either missed or easily forgotten during the hustle & bustle of your wedding day.

2. It’s a time capsule of everyone exactly how they are the day of your wedding. You can hear voices & relieve the emotion surrounding your special day even years after it has passed.

3. Your kiddos will actually enjoy the wedding videos of today [compared to the lengthy video "Uncle Eddie" recorded of our generation’s parents’ weddings].

4. The quality of a video never fades! This is a keepsake that is easy to keep.

5. So that you won’t regret not having a video! Not all couples have the time to watch an entire ceremony, but a 3-7 minute highlight of the day’s events is something you’ll watch often. Not only will you actually watch a video like that, but your friends and family will also watch it [thanks to Vimeo & social media sharing!].

Reach out to us if you’re interested in hiring Created Space Studios to be the behind-the-scenes video crew on your wedding day! | @createdspacestl